v3.0.1 (maintenance release)

Today v3.0.1 has been released!
This is a maintenance release, that comes with various bugfixes and two little improvements.
The fixes are for bugs that have reported to me on different channels after v3.0.0 came out. Most of them resulted in random crashes.
The improvements are, the addition of a single-tile-removal-mode for the building menu, and a new sound for breaking rocks whit your pickaxe.
I hope this improvements will increase fun for the players a little bit.

You like the game and want to contribute something, but you are no programmer?
No problem!
Here are some tasks, that don’t need any programming skills.

* design a new logo for the game
* draw a new cover for the itch.io page
* create a texture pack (I would like to add texture pack support, but without alternative graphics this is a bit of an hen or egg problem)
* send a few nice screenshots for the itch.io page and website of the game

If you are interested in one of this tasks, please contact me.


~The Mighty Glider~


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