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Eons ago the gods imagined all kinds of worlds and gave them their shapes. In order to protect their creations they have made the wanderers: mighty warriors formed in the image of the gods. As some wanderers became more like the gods themselves they built a sanctuary, and called it 'The Elysium'. From there younger wanderers travel the worlds, tasked to protect them and maintain the fragile balance in the fabric of creation. You are one of them – and you come in these troubled times with a task of utmost importance.

RogueBox Adventures is an unique mix between roguelike and sandbox game. You will visit different worlds, searching for adventures and problems to solve.

The game offers a story with a variety of quests in an open world format, and gives you the ability to build different structures and to craft powerful items.

* Unique blend of roguelike and sandbox game
* Various Locations - different worlds with surface and underground areas as well as dungeons
* Many different monsters with unique abilities
* A story that guides you through the game and motivates you to explore the worlds
* Original handcrafted pixel art
* Free and Open Source Software - Created by enthusiasts with a lot of love but without commercial interests  * Item crafting and shelter building
* Satisfy your basic needs like thirst, hunger and shelter in order to maintain your strength
* Find and care for pets, that will support you on your journey 



Install instructions

There are standalone builds available for Windows and GNU/Linux.

Everyone else needs to install Python 3 and pygame first.

After that you can use run.py to play the game.

Development log


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Thank you for this very nice feedback!

Indeed, I'm still working on this game and try to release at least one big update per year, so you can looking forward for future improvements and additions!


Well, I'm back to itch io after deleting my old account, because I had some problems with it. Now after playing Rba for several hours and getting pretty far into it I felt the need to drop another commentary. I'm completely addicted to the game. It has surpassed all my expectations. It has been a long way since I had so much fun with a game. The game is brilliant! It's such a charming and cute retro looking style game. I absolutely loved every detail you put into it; it is indeed a very rich game. I love the way it looks and sounds and more importantly the way it plays. The gameplay is where the game shines the most; it's so varied that I never got tired of it. Besides building a number of different structures there is also dungeons to explore, quests to solve, pets to raise... not mentioning the struggle to collect resources and to maintain all your basic needs attended for. I can see the love you invested into this game and it is very much appreciated.

So thank you for creating such a fun and unique game! It has been such a wonderful experience to play Rba. I'll play many times more, that I guarantee. It has potential to become a personal favorite. I hope you keep improving this hidden gem! The open source gaming scenery need more good and deep games like Rba.


Thanks for your friendly feedback again! That's very motivating!

I took a little brake from development during the past two months, in order to work on other (not game related) projects.

But I recently returned past weekend. So you can expect another update in 2021!

This time it will include a reworked farming system and some graphical improvements(Thanks to pygame 2.0).

Please stay tuned!

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This game is pretty awesome! Thanks for making it fully free software! I thought I would let you know that I did a Let's Play video of this game here: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=986Erx4WSCU

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for this wonderful review of my game! I will fix the misspell of 'tunic' in my next release.

Would you mind if I link your video on the games website?

Go ahead! That would be great :)

The download link for 64bit Linux instead gives me a file for 32bit Linux

Thank you for the info. I have fixed this.

You're welcome, and thanks for fixing the link.  I also forgot to report that installation from the itch.io client wasn't working either, but correcting the download link has apparently fixed that as well.


hey dude your game look like minecraft i love it thank you for making like minecraft i love this gameplay am going download this right now make a boss monster so i will fight for that boss