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v3.0.0BETA1 is looking for testers!

RogueBox Adventures is a graphical roguelike with strong influences from sandbox games like Minecraft or Terraria.

The main idea of RogueBox Adventures is to offer the player some kind of roguelike toy-world. This world can be explored at free will and even be changed.

It is possible to chop down trees, gather plants or to dig trough the underground rock. The resources that are obtained on this way can be used to build structures (like buildings or whole settlements) or to craft new items like tools, weapons or furniture. Big structures allow peaceful villager NPCs to spawn inside them. Outdoor monsters like angry dryads, orcs and slimes wait for their chance to kill or to be taken by the player.

To allow a easy access to the game for everyone RogueBox Adventures offers different game modes, may it be a sandbox-mode, where all monsters are peaceful, or a real roguelike-mode, where dying means to loose every progress made inside a game world. Furthermore RogueBox Adventures tries to use as less key bindings as possible, what allows to play it even with a gamepad if you like.




Install instructions

There are standalone builds available for Windows and GNU/Linux.

Everyone else needs to install Python 3.5+ and pygame first.

After that you can use run.py to play the game.

If you need a HowTo please visit: http://rogueboxadventures.tuxfamily.org/howto.htm

Note: Everyone who already has downloaded v2.2.0 can use 'RogueBoxAdventures_v2_2_1_Patch' to update his/her installation.



Development log


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This game is pretty awesome! Thanks for making it fully free software! I thought I would let you know that I did a Let's Play video of this game here: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=986Erx4WSCU

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for this wonderful review of my game! I will fix the misspell of 'tunic' in my next release.

Would you mind if I link your video on the games website?

Go ahead! That would be great :)

The download link for 64bit Linux instead gives me a file for 32bit Linux

Thank you for the info. I have fixed this.

You're welcome, and thanks for fixing the link.  I also forgot to report that installation from the itch.io client wasn't working either, but correcting the download link has apparently fixed that as well.

hey dude your game look like minecraft i love it thank you for making like minecraft i love this gameplay am going download this right now make a boss monster so i will fight for that boss